Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Purpose Statement

When I was in high school, I had the ability to write. From obviously edgy political satire to more technical writing which leans more to the sciences. After four years of college level education, my writing style has changed greatly.

A couple days ago, I started to refine a personal statement I wrote a couple of months earlier. I found that my finely tuned skills of writing that I had, well, 'perfected' in high school, were no longer. Four years of studies in the sciences has rendered me unable to write non-technical works. Quite saddening, actually.

So here I am, writing a personal--yet, of course, public WebLog; otherwise known as a `Blog.' A main initiative of this blog can be considered an improvement in my writing, but then again I have a lot of stray thoughts which I wish to keep somewhere. Usually I keep my ideas and thoughts safely on my handheld digital repository (Palm Vx), but I'm low on space on that gadget considering it only has 8mb. So now I will start to write on this blog on topics ranging from photography to phylogenetics. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

I don't intend to carry a large audience, rather I expect some visitors to come from time to time, but rarely subscribe to my writings. Well regardless of the outcome, I hope this is a fun adventure in writing and learning.


Jane Eyre said...

Ok, I came to the site expecting to see some great writing, but other than the first post, nothing. What is up? Come on show us some of this satrical writing, and blah blah. I am fine with seeing planes and pictures, but wanna read your points of view too!!!!!
Jane Eyre

Kristina said...

Is this the last post in which you write something? A shame. Your photos are so beautifully rendered that I'll forgive for your lack of words.

Deepakbellur said...

I was lucky tha Blogger gave me your blog by a random pick. You've shared some excellent photos. Thanks.

PIANO said...

I love torarely come from time to time :)

nice capture anyway