Saturday, February 18, 2006

I can't wait until I get to do more night photography with my new system. The sensor can go 3 hours without much noise! Wahoo!


I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them. -Diane Arbus

Very nice quotation provided by Adnan.

The new D2H that I received has been tested and I've run an array of tests on it to check for backfocus problems, metering problems, all the way to firmware issues. All shows the system is 100% - which is comforting to know. I'd love to start shooting right now, but I'm in a bit of a jam right now. Classes here don't seem to be getting any easier; more quizes are mounting day by day. So I'm dedicating the greater portion of my time to studying instead of exploring the world of photography. I will probably back and swinging when I'm on break in three weeks.

Plus, there's on more issue; I have no lens! The body was shipped to my apartment, but my lenses that I use for photography are about 500 or so miles away from me. Shipping them would be pointless since it will cost quite a lot for them to be shipped here. So, I guess the word to remember, patience.

Adnan - in regards to viewfinders, I'm well aware of the better viewfinders out there. Good thing you pointed out that camera to me. I'm considering a camera that isn't medium format - I'll save medium to large format film to when I actually a few pennies in my pockets. Although one of the appealing parts of the D2h is its wonderful viewfinder there are cameras that are cheaper htat have better viewfinders. For example, Minolta Maxxim's from early 1980's to the late 1990's usually have bright, incredibly large viewfinders. Then again, I don't work with the Minolta mount.

Well, that's all for now. Another three weeks - I think I will be able to last.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Interesting choice

As pointed out by Adnan in the comments of my previous post - it's surprising that I choose the D2H over cameras such as the D200 and the D2X. I've researched this camera and competing cameras over the past year and I decided that I must get the D2H over any other cameras; purely for practicality.

I shoot, variously, with the D70; great camera, too many jpeg artifacts, and it feels like a toy; I need a camera that is strong enough to take a bullet. I take pictures like there is no tomorrow; I need a camera that can take upwards of 150,000 actuations per drive motor. I print at the largest 8 by 10; I need a camera that can do that. The list goes on... in each case, the D2H was ahead of the pack in all regards. Sure I could go and get the D2X, but then I would be loosing the fast shutter and fast autofocus system to a few measly pixels - I never print that big anyway so the extra pixel here and there would be lost. D200 - I considered this camera, but the viewfinder isn't as good as the D2H in my opinion; plus, the battery grip is just incredible on the d2h.

I will start posting images from this new system in the days to come. At the current, school is literally taking every second away from my life.... I had bad undergrad semesters, but this is grad school overkill!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

A new baby is born. My old camera is going to be released to the auctioning table and my new camera will be coming into my life! WAHOO! Nikon D2Hs!