Friday, January 07, 2005

Finally, I get to test out the Macro capability of the 70-300 Sigma lens. Although I'm not completely happy with it - I was using my old tripod which was made to vibrate.


Pojo said...

very nice picture. im just curious where did you take it? oh btw thanks for your comments on my post. the pic with the heart, i took it using a lighter and 3.2 sec exposure.

Ali said...

Legend has it that "Jack Frost" stalks my area of the world and paints abstract/fractal art on the windows of most house. In reality, my window got covered with freezing rain and then cold weather. The small bits of dust left on the glass combined with moisture in a freezing environment make these beautiful patterns.

It was actually quite a challenging shot since I was shooting from 3.2 meters away - on macro mode!

I thank you for your comments!

roy said...

why didn't you use a remote control? that would take the vibrations out of the equation.