Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Trying to transfer my photographic skills into cooking. This is what I created earlier this month - channai. If you want a sample, send a self-addressed stamped envelope and I'm sure I can save a couple morsels for you.


Anostica said...

you created? are you sure? makes me wonder if you blew it outta your ass.

okay that thing looks taaaaassssty. you'll get my self adressed envelope soon :)

Ali said...

In fact, it was digested properly and my large intestine sang to the tune of an opera.

brent said...

Thats good to hear it sang a good tune. Lately I've been having acid reflux issues along with some gas. Its not fun I wouldn't recommend it for others, however that hot dish does look yummy.

Aisha said...

yummyyyy..... that's my favorite meal. Youll make a young lady very happy one day:)

niki yokota said...

wat are ingredients?? i think this food pic is awesome too!!!!

niki yokota said...

how do u make this????

Ali said...

It's quite simple actually:

First, take two onions - cut them into little pieces. Now put them into a pressure cooker, stir them around heated until they are browned. When brown add half cup of water.
Next, two diced tomatos, three jalapeno peppers, 1 spoon red pepper, 1 spoon salt, 1/2 spoon tumeric, 1 spoon coriander and a little cumin seed. Add a pinch of garlic and ginger. Now mix the entire solution until everything seems to appear more viscous. When everything is much more viscous, you can add 1 cup water - then add a full can of garbanzo beans.

Shut the lid on the pressure cooker. Allow the entire thing to pressure cook for about - 7 seven minutes. When done, voila. Put some garnish on top and it's all done.

Need more specifics, just ask me. :-)

niki yokota said...

i could make this channai yesterday!! (didnt have coriander leaves for garnish tho.)
soooo yummy and healthy!!!!(^o^)/ i want to cook it frequently.
thank u very very very much!!!!!