Tuesday, August 08, 2006


relative said...

I sure hope those people didn't mind you taking a picture of them..

Aisha said...

what made you take this?

Its a cute photo.

did he approach you afterwards?

Ali said...

I just noticed the juxtaposition of the photographer looking away. Subject confused - I had to take the picture.

rabadub said...

there's so much irony in this photo :)

-photographer looking the wrong direction, as if he thinks someone's looking at him taking the photo.... and there is someone looking at him taking the photo, but he's looking the wrong way.
-man in photo looking at you
-man and woman are supposed to be taking a photo together, but they're clearly pretty disconnected.

PIE! said...

Oooh! I there is such a story going on here, as rabadub had said.

I love it.

relative said...

wow such meaning to your pictures!! amazing :) You're entering that second world of photography..I think your past the "just take the picture" phase.