Sunday, November 19, 2006

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Anonymous said...

When we walk down the street, I don't even notice such things. The intersections hardly arouse my attention (except for the fleeting fear that another car will hit me). Occasionally, I will look at a car and wonder where it is going or where it has been. This photo gives me the ability to sit and go off on long tangents about the hypothetical lives of the cars' passengers.
This photo looks more like a snapshot than an artistic endeavor. That's not always a good or a bad thing, so hopefully it'll not be associated with any negative connotation. I think this shot would be more interesting if it were hyperfocused. It has so many textures that would work well.
The 90* angle formed by the traffic light pole helps to focus your attention on the first car making the buildings on the left forgotten objects. I don't like that portion of the photo being forgotten, but I do like the piece of sidewalk in the foreground.