Monday, May 02, 2011


Becky said...

the sky is unbelievable! So much depth and drama

Kelisophical said...

love the subtle drawing of the peace symbol on the rock in the foreground. the photograph as a whole is very moving, especially the darkened area of forest in the centre, it resembles a cave like structure that the figure may be gazing into. Thats the story I see anyway...lovely picture 'Ali'

Magda said...

Hi Ali,
Always special to see you have Posted another image for one to experience. The Journey never a disappointment.

Gosh the Sky is stunningly breathtakingly beautiful.

For me this photo emanates sadness.
Even the Person, so tiny amid the vastness and Rocks, feels to be contemplating what lies beyond the edge in a personal way.

A very interesting subtle photo.
There are for me, layers of emotions to experience, depending on how I view the Scene.

The scattering of Rocks... which must be Boulders, when one compares them to the Person... are definitely intriguing.

The feeling of physically being there would have felt wonderfully dramatic am sure, especially if the Wind was contributing to the experience.

Thank you for another Special Moment in Time.
Good wishes to you from Magda(Australia)

eddiejung said...

Soul Searchin..

The Septic Tank Blog said...


Viagens pelo Brasil - Conhe├žo essa cidade said...

Your blog is very cool, congratulations! Perfect pictures!

analuci said...

Wonderful images!

Toronjil said...

There's no way time was passing when this picture was taken.

joelle esther benyayer said...

nice picture look like movies joelle esther benyayer