Friday, June 10, 2005

This is one of my favorite pictures that I've taken this year. These flowers are the precursors to the leaves that grow on one of the bushes in our backyard. They only last a week so I took a picture of them before they dropped dead. I used a 85mm f/2.0 lens at f/2.8. Some have commented that the picture looks 'fake' because of the deep blue-I assure you, the deep blue is 100% real. The sky truly is that blue. The reason it appears like that is because I was using a polarizer, with a polarizer there is no diffused blue coming into the lens - hence a deep blue comes from direct rays on the camera's sensor. Anyway - tell me what you think!!!


Anostica said...

nice picture!! I think the blue is toooo blue though

Ali said...

What can you do when that blue is the true blue? And the yellow is true yellow?!