Saturday, June 18, 2005

A view from my precipice. When the clouds come over the downtown area - myself being far from downtown can see the incandescent light from downtown reflected from the clouds above downtown. Translation - great picture. I think I will start shooting more images in RAW with a filter that leans towards black & white and Sepia. I'm not sure if I can find a median.


Anostica said...

wow, what a beauty. You see such sharp edges on the trees, and then a dully looking sky..very cool. But the colors are browny..I want real colors :P

Ali said...

I'm using a sepia+BW filter - i will get you real colors soon.

Inquisitor said...

did you do it with a slow shutter + nd filter? Or is the blurred clouds a product of skillful addition via Pshop? Just curious. Great picture though. I love the sepia. Did you use a film cam? I use a 300d canon. Not top of the line but quite good for most shots.

p.s. about your laptop, didn't think ibm was the one to go for when it came to photo-editing. Yours is an x-series isn't it? I had one some years ago. It was, as you said, great, great for academic stuff but a real pain when it came to photo-editing, etc. Perhaps the specs now has improved. Mine was an x21. yep. ancient. i know.
I currently use a SLI system with dual graphic processors and 2 gig ram, 64bit processing. Comes in real handy for digital art. Especially since my files can sometimes exceed a hundred mb.

nice site. Stumbled upon it after reading the comment you left on 'redcommie's' aka, 'liberator' site.

Ali said...

Actually the image is directly from the camera - f/8.0, 5 sec shutter, and a heavily populated micropolis. Otherwise hte only digital editing is the Sepia from Photoshop.

the laptop you see is the thinkpad T42 - it's a great computer. I'm well aware that it isn't the top of the line when it comes to image editing, but I'm going into the academic world so I figured I needed a computer that would last me for another four years or so. Sure I may wait while an image loads up - but its well worth it. Plus, the raw processing is super fast - well that's from my perspective.

Ali said...

Whoops - almost forgot to mention. The picture was taken with a Nikon Digital Camera system - in RAW mode - nothing else!