Friday, June 17, 2005

Would you believe it that I took this picture in broad day light without the day of a blackbackboard! How, you ask, did I take this image?! It's all in the magic of the aperture. I used a lens of mine - Nikkor of course - that let me go up to the aperture f/32 - and my trusty SB-800. The light is well balanced and the exposure is beautiful - I seriously should publish this. I'm just amazed - even in challenging conditions - the camera and the flash were able to communicate to a degree to make a well balanced exposure. I thought I would have to manually optimize the shot - guess not. Kudos to Nikon on this one.


Anostica said...

Wowee..that pic is beautiful!!! :)

Anostica said...

Oh and one more thing..can you take pics of the strawberry plants with baby strawberries on them?? Puleasseeee ;)