Thursday, July 14, 2005

Copyright vs. Wrecking an Artwork?

When I started to post images on this blog - I always put a small logo onto the image to insure that no one would steal anyone of my images. With digital technologies getting better, the liklihood of someone stealing my work - has increased. Recently, in a turn of irony, I've started to ignore the entire idea of labeling my photography with some weird logo saying "It's mine." I don't know - I hate ruining the pictures I take with words - and the effect that the picture has on the individual is lessoned by some weird logo.

So, the solution; I'm no longer providing larger versions of the image. So the largest version available from my blog will be about 640X480; which isn't too large and you can do the least amount of damage with them. I imagine an individual can get a truly beautiful 2x2 from that small resolution.

I'm working on a new method that will not interfere with the artwork - it's something that is a built in feature of GIMP. In another two weeks I'll start experimenting.


sweetces said...

very nice photos.
show us more photos of your beautiful country.
promise we won't steal them for commercial purposes.
if i like it i'll get it for my wall paper.
pls reply by posting in my blog so i am sure to read it.
salamat (thank you in Pilipino).

Ali said...

If you ever want any of my works for your background - just ask, I'll format it for you.

I'll post some images of Pakistan soon. I live in the states, but Pakistan is home for me.

brent said...

nice topic, you'll have to post your results from testing GIMP. I used that software for a couple months when I was testing SuSE Linux a few months ago. I had similar issues with people hot linking my images and stealing them outright.

Gerry Zeck said...

Old photographers and academics seem most interested in receiving credit for their visual point of view recordings. But the millions of beautiful images posted on the internet have changed the whole credit problem for this former credit hungry ASMP member.

Today's availability of images resembles defunct Gifting economies, or brings them back into vogue,

Deepakbellur said...

To tell the truth Ali, I feel the world must share what you offer if it in no way diminishes you. So other than for commercial reasons you should welcome the world to use it.