Monday, July 25, 2005

I lean heavily towards natural scenes on this blog, but I occasionally like to do something artificial. Here's some lightpainting. I got these sticks called "PhulJhari" for only three dollars. It's a good buy for something so inexpensive. I shot this at f/9 and for ten seconds. Anything like f/7.1 which most shoot at overexposes. Come to think of it, I should have shot it at f/11, then the shadows would have been minimized.


BeeNuts said...

Wow..nice.. creative to use something so inexpensive and create a magnificent view from it.

Sean said...

just a random passerby paying a complement. your photos are really nice. The picture of the clouds I especially like.

Pari said...

Wow....liked your pictures but it's called "phuljhari" not "phulghari".

Ali said...


Thank you for the correction. I appreciate it.


pari said...

hey Ali,
your photos are...i don't have words for them but your photos keeps me glued to my seat.
well you are welcome.